I started my professional artist career from my research phase, during which I participated in many workshops. Since then, I met and saw the works of many national and international renowned artists, and received encouragement and inspiration everywhere. This helped me evolve my art from a student to professional level. For more than 20 years (after Ph.D.), I have gone through many such dimensions as an Artist, to gain a profound insight into the entire process of bringing a piece of art to life, from an idea to the canvas.

I prefer Realistic, Impressionism & Expressionism, Neo-Classicism (Feminine) and Contemporary art. My inspirations include the works of masters like Raja Ravi Verma, Renoir and Rembrandt. Nature is my favourite subject. Its bright colours greatly invigorate the artist in me. The results of which, can be seen in my paintings. I am also interested in capturing the symbols and essence of folk art of various states and depicting them in my own style. A state of void/emptiness can be found in most of my paintings, which are widely manifested in nature. Human and nature, earth and sky are my main subjects and rendering my paintings in the colours associated with them always gives me a unique experience. I participated and conducted joint and solo Art Exhibitions. I have also been awarded for paintings on current affairs and mythology.

Since teaching was passion I was inclined to share my knowledge and experience to society. This led to the foundation of “VARSHA ARTS CLASSES” in Bangalore. For 10 years, more than 500 kids, ART and Design School students, Housewives, Architect and Interior Decorator, Fashion designers, IT Professionals benefited from it. Through step-by-step methods, my students learn basic drawing and painting skills which results in art works that is realistic and attractive. My approach to drawing is based on the fact that any form can be broken down into simple shapes. Once a student's eye is trained to understand their size and placement, and the student's hand is trained to accurately represent which the eye has seen, then the student can recreate an accurate replica of the scene. Student’s are exposed to drawing and painting mediums such as graphite, pencil and color pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, pastels, watercolors, acrylics, oils, clay, 2D-3D murals and more, on different surfaces.

Through Arts and Paintings, they can reduce their day to day stress, and enhance their internal creative senses. It also motivates them and help to achieve their targets in the professional space.


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