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About: The Founder

Dr. Varsha Shukla M.A Ph.D (Drawing and Painting) started her professional career as an artist during her research period, where she participated in many workshops and shows. She met and saw the works of many international and national renowned artists and got encouraged by them. This helped her in evolving her art and creativity to a professional level. For more than 20 years (after Ph.D.), Varsha has gone through many such dimensions as an artist to gain profound insight to bringing a piece of art to life, an idea to canvas.


Courses Offered

Level 1:(Beginner) - Upto 2nd Standard
Aim is to nurture a love for art that touches the hearts and souls.

Level 2:(Basic) - 3rd & 4th Standards
To teach proper use of brushes , colour mixing using water colour, acrylic and pastels.

Level 3:(Intermediate I) - 5th & 6th Standards
To express themselves and explain their ideas to others.

Level 4:(Intermediate II) - 7th & 8th Standards
Learn various modern drawing and painting techniques.

Level 5:(Higher) - 9th & 10th Standards
To increase observation skills and challenge you to work in a variety of media. Draw from life or imgination. Discuss about the techiniques from old master's works like Picasso and Seurat.

Level 6:(Professional) - 11th & 12th Standards
Design school preparation. Portfolio presentation and rendering techniques.


Portfolio Art and Design

Art and Design, a new and Vibrant Career these days. It gives you a freedom to demonstrate your skills, ideas, Creativity, Personality, Ability and Commitments toward your works, goals and targets. To start your professional career in Art and Design, you have to meet an academic requirement for Art and Design Schools, Universities and Colleges. Typically, you require a practical "ART & DESIGN PORTFOLIO" as part of the admission process, which help them to evaluate your Visual Art Potential. Just as every art student is different, every art school has different requirements and expectations. This variation of expectations can leave students to uncertain, about how to proceed. Even when criteria is clear, student may feel overwhelmed and wonder, what to draw/paint/make/create, which medium to use and how to select best and present his/her work.

In "Varsha Art", DR. Varsha (MA, Ph.D in Drawing) has an innovative mind and a creative heart. She helps to remake the world and visualize your ideas with a dazzling display of creativity. With an exuberant imagination, she invents concepts, ideas, and helps to convert into realism, which simply fascinate others. Along with, you will also expose to all modern techniques, medium etc. INTERESTED? Join Now. You need an enough time to complete your ART and DESIGN Portfolio. you have to complete 30 (or more) art products to finish. Then select best art pieces, which to paste/present/attach as your own "ART & DESIGN PORTFOLIO".

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